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Starting from a young age I have always loved clothes. My mum would put me in one set of clothes in the morning and by the evening I would have changed at least 5 times. My sisters would moan and carry on but it was important that I had a different look all the time. I would always make sure my church outfit was accessorised and my shoes shined. My passion has developed and since opening my dressmaking business I have a sweet spot for amazing fabrics. I hope to pass the tradition on to my own little sweetheart one day!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Wedding Dresses to die for!

Collette Dinnighan is forever been a fabourite of mine. Growing up with her designs and seeing her with her plain blonde hair and simplistic designs is a real inspiration. Came across this gorgeous image from her new range and thought it was so unique. Enjoy!

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